The new version of Bitrix24

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What's new in version 12.5 ?

The new version of Bitrix24 Intranet includes integration with Google Docs, introduces a ‘drive’ style file sync in the desktop app, supports WebRTC-based videochat, and includes multiple CRM enhancements such as mobile support.

Mobile CRM

Work with the CRM on your favorite mobile device – tablet or phone. The CRM is accessible in the mobile app so you can find the information you need while on the move.

The information you need is now literally in your hand. Use the product catalog and browse client records, activities and deals in the CRM.

Invoices inside the CRM

The CRM in Bitrix24 allows you to create personalized invoices instantly. Invoices can be sent to the client via email, printed, or saved as PDFs.

Video chat

Use video chat for talking to your colleagues. Bitrix24 with video chat is an excellent replacement of external voice and video services. Keep your business inside the company!


The Desktop App has a new tool: Bitrix24.Drive. This feature provides synchronization between local files and files stored in Bitrix24.

More features

  • Document preview with Google Docs
  • Announcements
  • Group chat

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